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The Passion of photography started with my travels in the US Navy, photographing the beauties and wonders of the world. Shortly after, I started taking courses to broaden my horizons, and become an artist in photography. I have continued to take several courses, learning new concepts, and techniques from each instructor.

In the early 90's, I saw the age of digital coming, and started experimenting with a broadcast video camera(digital video), and various lighting. I then use a not so personal computer to create still images from the video feeds. These created excellent portraits.

Over the years I have watched photography make several changes, from film to the modern digital; from darkroom masking and cutting to digital enhancements; Filters on the end of the lens to filters in Photoshop. Then we combine all of the above to enter a new level of creativity.

Welcome to the new world of photography!!!


We are Located in Pleasant Farms, Tx at 7141 W Orange St
phone: (432)288-5939
Email: rwbaileyphotography@gmail.com

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